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Poro Photo

Poro, meaning “good friend” in Pidgin (Tok Pisin), is a musical project based out of Cleveland, Ohio consisting of members Mark Porostosky (present multi-instrumentalist in The Lighthouse and the Whaler), Ryan Walker (fellow TLATW member), and Susan Ulle. Together the band creates an eclectic Indie Pop sound drawing influences from the likes of Sufjan Stevens, Phoenix and Copeland, with a sincere melodic flair all their own.

In 2016, after six years of writing and touring with TLATW, Mark began creating Poro with material and concepts he had been writing. In early 2017 Treat Yourself was released with the support of former drummer Thomas Ulle and fellow TLATW member Ryan Walker. The lyrically themed self-confidence EP was later named one of the “15 Best Cleveland Album and EP releases of the year” (Cleveland.com). The success of Treat Yourself continued in 2018 as “Embrace,” the album’s most orchestral and anthemic song, was used in the 42nd Cleveland International Film Festival’s trailer; for which Poro also performed at the festival’s closing ceremony.

In August of 2018, the band released the Eyes EP, a reflection on different perspectives. In 2019, the band plans to continue to perform shows around the schedule of their brother band TLATW as well as record their first full length record.